Email announcement for Week of May 11th, 2020
Dear Friends, colleagues, supporters and clients:
Recent headlines have — appropriately — focused on the direct impacts of the coronavirus, the case counts and social distancing measures. But many other issues are arising as a result of elevated concerns and stressors because of the pressure and isolation our clients are experiencing. Resources are available at First Step Home to deal with these and other issues!
There has been a marked increase in mental health care needs, suicide hot lines have been in high gear, and sadly, a return to addictive behavior during the coronavirus. During the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, the headlines have—appropriately—focused on the direct impacts of the virus, the case counts, hospitalizations and social distancing measures, the deaths. 
But behind these headlines many other issues are simmering — serious problems that may have always been present but are now highlighted by the blazing light on the global pandemic and the isolation and anxiety being felt by so many. These increases include: 
  • Substance abuse, including opioids, methamphetamines and alcohol.
  • Increases in suicides
  • Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.
  • Domestic violence. 
First Step Home is needed now more than ever to help women who are experiencing drug and alcohol dependence who need strong sturdy help. We are here for women who want and need recovery, safe, sober housing, Medication Assisted Treatment, medical and mental health treatment and vocational training to improve the total health of our women and their children.
Take the first step – call First Step Home and find out how we can help you and your family recover: Call First Step Home or visit at to take an initial online prescreen. Call for help: Tania Loudon at 513-519-9987 for immediate help. Or call 513-961-4663 X101 for our admissions department.
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