More than ever, self-care during the pandemic is critically important. In fact, Ohio State University recently released research on how a growing body of research indicating that healthcare clinicians are facing serious problems related to their mental health and wellbeing. This includes experiencing relatively high rates of burnout, depression, addiction and suicide, which has been exacerbated by a global pandemic.
We want to thank the clinicians and other members of our staff that serve our client population so well and with such bravery and enthusiasm during this Covid 19 epidemic. Each of you is truly a hero.
We’d also like to take this moment to thank the Board and Advisory Board for your continuing commitment to our clients’ well-being and care. We bring you the results of our work and you help guide and lead our organization in a positive direction, with grace and dignity.
Most of all, we want to encourage everyone in our family of staff, board and friends to take time for self-care during the coronavirus so that you are rejuvenated by taking time to meditate, read, exercise and be with family. We want you feel supported by management to find ways to build up your support system and outlets for handling stressors in positive ways. We want you here with us for the long haul – and Covid 19 seems to be with us for quite some time to come – and want your ideas, input and work for the good of all during these unusual times.
We wish you good personal, mental and physical health.
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