Job Description

SUPERVISED BY:  Director of Clinical Services                         




SUMMARY:   Provides individual counseling, group counseling, case management and crisis intervention to the clients at First Step Home.



  1. Works with the client to develop an Individual Treatment Plan according to OMHAS and CARF person/family-centered standards.

  2. Reviews and monitors services and activities, documenting progress according to OMHAS standards.

  3. Attend individual supervision session with the Director of Clinical Services.

  4. Facilitate didactic and therapeutic groups according to agency model.

  5. Conduct individual counseling with assigned clients, according to agency model, identifying her progress and continuing to develop with the client further treatment plans.

  6. Identify and evaluate crisis situations and take appropriate action.

  7. Participate in the recommendations of clients for phase determination, continued stay, termination or successful discharge.

  8. Accurately communicate relevant information to collaborating agencies in a timely manner.

  9. Refer clients for psychiatric evaluation and mental health counseling.

  10. Through Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Case Management, Crisis Intervention and other billable services generate direct billable service hours according to OMHAS/First Step Home productivity standards. 

  11. Responsible for submitting all documents relevant to services rendered according to First Step Home, Inc. standards.

  12. Works to attain the goals as written in job performance evaluations.

  13. Abide by the standards as set forth in First Step Home’s Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct.

  14. Responsible for following all safety rules and safe health practices at First Step Home, Inc.

  15. Pursue training necessary for enhancing clinical skills and acquiring and maintaining appropriate credentials and licenses.

  16. Comply with all agency policies, procedures, and directives of immediate supervisor, the President/CEO and the Board of Trustees of First Step Home, Inc.

  17. Responsible for following the Core Values of First Step Home, Inc.

  18. Other duties as assigned.



  1. Master’s Degree in Social Work or Counseling or related field required

  2. Licensure Required: LSW, LPC or LCDC III or eligible required LISW, LPCC or LICDC preferred

  3. One year experience working in the field of chemical dependency