"...Continuing to place our focus on the devastation of addiction"

Dear friends and supporters:
As we continue to ‘flatten the curve’ during the coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves continuing to place our focus on the devastation of addiction. Especially during trying times for the city, state and country as a whole, we must be vigilant in keeping women’s recovery at the top of the agenda.
Substance use disorder is a health care emergency of its own – effecting the whole state of Ohio. Women have felt trapped indoors for months at a time, with only their addiction to seemingly ease their pain. Our doors are open, our staff is working on campus, standing by with treatment for mental health conditions as well as to achieve sobriety. We are offering wraparound services for women and for their children, up to the age of twelve, to support a new way of life in sobriety as well as family therapy.
We also provide vocational services for our clients and note how women are still being treated unequally with pay in Hamilton County and throughout the state. 53% of working women do not earn enough to make it without some form of public assistance due to the ‘cliff effect.’ The cliff effect shows that as low-wage workers begin to earn more money – they often lose essential benefits they have had, such as food stamps, childcare and/or housing benefits. Thus, the net result from increased pay can form a deficit in being able to cover basic living costs. (The Women’s Fund, July 2020)
We seek to bring women’s salaries up to a living wage, even during the pandemic, while we support our clients to move into recovery and balance on mental health issues.
Margo Spence

First Step Home

Founded in 1993, First Step Home is a treatment center located in Walnut Hills, a suburb of Cincinnati. Established as a women’s only facility, First Step Home is the only addiction treatment center in Cincinnati allowing children, up to the age of 12, to live with their mother’s while they are in treatment. First Step Home provides an entire continuum of care to women with addiction. Our staff work to assist women in rebuilding their families as they break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.  

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Who is First Step Home?

Video by NKU Students
Welcome to First Step Home, where we focus again on the health and safety of all the clients, children and staff – all of whom are working so hard at this time.
We have 100 women 30 children and 48 staff who are following federal, state and local guidelines to keep Covid 19 at bay.
We are here on campus, on a 24/7 basis, working with the suggestions and guidance with our medical director, psychiatric nurse and RN’s to keep everyone healthy while we work to address substance use disorder and mental health issues with our clients.

8th Graders Dream of Justice

An eighth grade project on justice 

Baby and Teddy

Whether it's a pack of diapers, gently-used clothing,toys or books, pots and pans, bedding, or simply, your time. It will be greatly appreciated.  Some of women and children come to us with little more than the clothes on their backs.  Your generosity will give them an opportunity at a new life while remaining together as a family.   

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In order to continue our on-going efforts to help women find sobriety and return to the community as productive mothers and citizens, we need your support.  We are always looking for businesses and individuals like you to help make this possible. Partnerships can look different for everyone.  

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Make a monthly donation to First Step Home & the Maternal Addiction Program. For as little as $20 a month, you can help provide a child with food, clothing, diapers, and medical attention.


You're not just sending money, you're giving a child hope, help, and healing.


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