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At First Step Home, we provide an array of services based upon each individual client's needs. We have helped thousands of pregnant and new mothers fight their addictions and establish stable lives for themselves and their children. Each client will receive help getting the medication she needs and help in overcoming the barriers to recovery so she can begin a new and stable life.  Other women in the program will welcome you and help you adjust.  Each new client will be given an assessment so we can learn the right level of care to provide.  We have Residential and Outpatient services available with housing support based on your needs.


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  • Residential Services (see housing)

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment Services

  • Group and Individual Counseling

  • Curriculum-Based Therapy

  • Trauma–Informed Services

  • Parenting Classes

  • Access to Primary Health Care

  • Nutrition Education

  • Access to Mental Health Services

  • Access to Prenatal Care  (HOPE Program)

  • Access to Pediatric and Family Health Care

  • Transitional Housing for Outpatient clients

  • Addiction Wellness Education

  • Onsite Child Care

  • Family Support Groups

  • In-Home Support for Newborn

  • Job Placement Assistance

  • Peer Mentors

  • Specialized Case Management Services to provide support and resources for newborn

  • Aftercare Services

  • Services based upon the needs of individual clients



All services are provided by compassionate staff who understand the challenges faced by pregnant women with addictions.  Healing begins when you face addiction with knowledgeable and supportive help.  We know that no woman wants to put her baby at risk, but we also understand addiction is a brain disease.  We understand that addiction is a disease that impacts the decisions being made. We understand that being made would be different if she wasn't physically and mentally addicted and had the resources to meet her needs. 



In a typical week, you will meet with your personal counselor, and participate in group therapy to better understand your addiction. These sessions will help you develop coping methods for your addiction. You will attend in-house 12 step meetings, and if you have children with you, they will be cared for in our onsite childcare program while you are in groups and meetings.  You will have your child with you at lunch time and every evening and overnight.  Everyone shares in chores and creating structure which is an important part of recovery.


The average stay in Residential Treatment is about 45 days, based on your progress.  You will then move into the Transitional Housing and attend Outpatient Treatment, the length is based on your achievements.  You will receive supportive services to take the next step to moving back to your own home.  You will then be able to join The First Step Home Alumni Club where there is no time limit to the length of your participation. With supportive services, thousands of pregnant and new moms have fought their addictions and are now living stable, sober, and productive lives.  The decisions you make today will last a lifetime….your lifetime and your baby’s.  Now is the time to reach out.  We are here to help you.




First Step Home accepts Medicaid for Ohio residents.  

For other payment options, we use a sliding scale.  

Please contact our Financial Counselor at (513) 961-4663. Ext. 102